Mackay Family Day Care is a not-for-profit organisation operating since 1978 supporting local educators and families in Mackay and surrounding districts. The Co-Ordination Unit is staffed by a team of child care professionals who work closely with educators and families. When you register for care with Mackay Family Day Care, our Co-Ordinators will endeavour to find “the right fit” between child, family and educator, wherever possible offering you the opportunity to meet with more than one educator.

Mackay Family Day Care Educators are approved, early childhood education and care professionals providing a flexible service, catering to the needs of individual families and children. Family Day Care’s small group environments facilitate strong bonds and promote effective early learning and social development.

Educators provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment, caring for and educating up to 4 children under school age. They are also able to care for 3 school age children outside of school hours, enabling siblings to be cared for at the same location.